Fishing in Zarasai

Welcome Fishermen, who are diagnosed for beeing incurably sick of having this hobby!


Fishing tackle shop (open 24/7) entrance from the side of Malūno str. 17

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Individual enterprise “KELIDA” IĮ we are established to help treat yours “disease”. And it happened not a very long time ago, in time of 20 May 2008. Just at the moment – a small first – we celebrate the 10-th anniversary and invite you to celebrate together… Dear Guests are welcome by friendly staff who meet you in an opeеn arms to provide you all of the best fishing equipment we have, and not only what is displayed in showcase…  Company’s responsibility is part of our heritage. It is also an integral part of our business strategy. Existing customers trust is very valuable and that we strive to preserve and maintain continuously. Of course, to gain the confidence and keep – a necessary condition in our vision:

“Our customers’ favorite activity – fishing. Our product – to make it better.”

Individual enterprise “KELIDA” mission – to give people the opportunity to enjoy their experiences fishing providing instruments and equipment, which will guarantee a maximum potential. We sell modernly developed high-tech tools which are pleasant to operate and will assist to achieve very good results. We glad with our customers understanding that we can contribute to a positive desire to live and rest in an active, healthy, natural surroundings of the nature. Since the founding of the company have traded tackle and equipment for fishing, hunting and active leisure in the nature.

Owners and founders of the company IĮ “KELIDA” – Highland’s (Aukštaitija region) old-timers, real patriots of the land and lakes. Our aim is that everyone who comes to us to relax in nature with a fishing rod in the hands or without it (this happens rarely) would bring home the best possible memories of a wonderful “the thousand lakes” region and after some time come back again and again. Everyone can find something good and beautiful in nature, everyone can give something for the nature. At least spiritually, from the heart…The 24/7 open shop IĮ “KELIDA” carries not only the trade of fishing gear and goods for tourism, we are also able to provide information about the Zarasai region’s rural tourism, leisure, camping. We will share information about where the fish bites better, places where you can relax while fishing and not thinking where all the fishes have gone by renting echo sounder LOWRANCE. We can ensure that you will have a great time in Zarasai region and definitely will glad about your catch.

You will experience the wonderful feeling of spending time in nature with wild Highland (Aukštaitija region) holding fishing rod or spinning in your hands, share your joy of catch with the friends and family or acquaintances. You will recharge of positive energy permanently. We just strive to ensure that the time you spent here will not go in vain while searching a suitable place for recreation and not only fishing, as well you will discover the places known only for the region’s old-timers…

Providing high quality fishing products even suitable the most demanding fisherman’s requirements is the mission we are here for. In our range of products you will find the most necessary tools for fishing in lakes. We are qualified enough to provide you a proper advice and consultation… We hope that we will be able to advise you qualified on choosing the tools for fishing in the thousand lakes Zarasai region.

Mr Kestutis Kolesnikov
The founder



Perkantiems spiningus, meškeres, rites, kitą žūklės inventorių parduotuvėje Zarasuose
ar užsisakius internetu, visos vasaros laikotarpiu, pirkėjams suteikiame dovanų.
Dovanų vertė - iki 13% pirkinio kainos.


Parduotuvės adresas ir kontaktai:

Malūno g. 34, LT-32118, Zarasai
+370 680 34338
+370 618 31015

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